Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete involves the refining of the surface of the concrete by grinding and polishing. This process makes it dense and hard, makes it stain resistant , very easy to clean, and long-lasting. It doesn’t peel, is hard to chip/dent, will not discolour and does not require the regular maintenance that other flooring does.


Floors are an important part of your everyday life, whether in a commercial building or a private residence. As well as looking good, a floor needs to be functional. A polished concrete surface is not only aesthetically pleasing but has a multitude of other benefits too.


Concrete can be transformed into brilliant, easy to clean surfaces which are environmentally friendly, durable, economical, modern and elegant.


Strong and economical flooring

Polished Concrete flooring is extremely economical, compared to other hard flooring options, such as tiling.  Polished Concrete has an unrivalled lifespan, in comparison to Urethane sealed concrete.


Your initial investment is the same, or lower, than for traditional flooring solutions, but the low maintenance cost and the longer life means you will have chosen the most cost effective, long term option.


Kind to you and the environment

Along with its durability, Polished Concrete is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Polished concrete floors are low maintenance and more durable than many flooring options, as well as being much easier to clean - no cleaning chemicals required......purely water! 

Polished Concrete is one of the most eco-friendly options, by using the natural surface of the concrete.  It has other significant benefits, such as reducing allergens, dust mites and does not support mould growth.


Concrete is made up of pure natural materials, but the coatings that are often applied to the concrete have an adverse effect on the environment. Perfect Polish uses HTC Superfloor systems, which uses as much as 30 times less energy than traditional flooring solutions.





A finish to suit every taste

HTC Superfloor, as used by Perfect Polish, is available as four different concepts. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. You can choose between a floor with a high gloss finish or a matte finish. All four concepts are functional, economical, eco-friendly, and attractive, making them a perfect floor solution.


Polished Concrete can be personalised, by altering aggregate size and colour, using coloured oxide to alter cement colour, grouted decorative cuts or inlays installed, choosing the desired aggregate exposure by adjusting the grinding depth, also  adjust the level of polishing to achieve various gloss levels.  You have endless options to enhance the look of your concrete.