HTC Superfloor System

What is the HTC Superfloorâ„¢ System?

HTC Superfloor™ is a method for grinding and polishing of concrete floors.  Grinding and polishing is done using HTC’s diamond tools in several steps with gradually smaller and smaller grit sizes.  The process consists of grinding, refinement, impregnation and polishing, which gives the surface a high gloss polish and all the qualities that characterize a real HTC Superfloor™.




We use HTC Superfloor equipment and diamond tooling. Created and developed in Sweden,we  believe this system is the best available for concrete grinding and polishing. 



Perfect Polish meets all the stringent HTC Professional Floor System requirements.

On completion, your polished concrete floor will be tested and screened to make sure it meets all the stringent HTC Superfloor requirements.




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