Further Information


At Perfect Polish, we work on new and existing floors to create good looking, hard wearing, perfectly polished concrete.



Our services include:

  • Polished Concrete
  • Exterior Decorative Diamond Grinding
  • Decorative Concrete Cutting
  • Surface Preparation
  • Concrete Repair
  • Paint & Glue Removal
  • Concrete Benchtops & Hearths






We use the most advanced equipment, including Holer Diamond Tools and HTC Machinery (grinders and dust extractors), and specialised HTC Professional Flooring System techniques to provide you the highest quality polishecd concrete floors for your residential, commercial and retail buildings.


Unlike some other operators, there are no hidden charges for generator use/hire.  

At Perfect Polish, we have our own generators which we will bring onsite, and this is included within the m2 rate quoted to you.


The collection and removal of dust, created during the grinding process, is crucial; not only from a health point-of-view, but also to reduce the surrounding areas being filled with dust.  

At Perfect Polish, we have a series of vaccums for dust removal, depending on the scale of the project.  Concrete dust is bagged up during the vaccuming process, and we remove and dispose of this at no additonal cost to you.