Residential Polished Concrete & Concrete Grinding

Bring your concrete to life!

At Perfect Polish, we pride ourselves on transforming the look of your concrete, both inside and outside your home, with our specialised grinding & polishing process.


Polished Concrete can be personalised, by altering aggregate size and colour, using coloured oxide to alter cement colour, grouted decorative cuts or inlays installed, choosing the desired aggregate exposure by adjusting the grinding depth, also  adjust the level of polishing to achieve various gloss levels.  You have endless options to enhance the look of your concrete.


We can work on new or pre-existing concrete floors, and will liaise with you on the best options to achieve the perfect outcome for your concrete.  


Our highly-skilled operators will grind and polish your floors to a level that won’t be beaten.




Polished Concrete ~ Modern, stylish and hard-wearing kitchen floors, as well as easy to clean.  See more polished kitchen floors here!

Polished Concrete ~ A perfect floor for bathrooms/ensuites, toilets, mud-rooms & laundry areas.  See more of these areas here!

Polished Concrete ~ a stunning addition to any living space.  See more polished concrete living areas here!

Exterior diamond-ground concrete ~ with decorative cuts & grouting.  See more exterior work here!

Polished Concrete ~ how about a custom-made piece for your home?  A hearth, bench top, or stairs.  Take a look at some of our creations here!

Our residential concrete services include:



  • Re-colouring and re-sealing concrete landscaping areas
  • Decorative concrete cutting & grouting
  • Surface preparation of concrete (removing glue, removing tile adhesive and flattening floors) for other flooring coverings





Our polished concrete has featured in a number of Award Winning homes in the Registered Master Builders House of the Year Competitions.


For more images of our work, take a look at our galleries



We use the best equipment on the market to ensure a perfect finish, take pride in every job we undertake, whether big or small, and have the skills to ensure your job is completed to perfection.  At Perfect Polish we work hard to raise the bar and exceed expectations.


Over the years we have built up strong relationships with selected builders, construction companies and concrete placing companies who know that Perfect Polish has a strong reputation for delivering perfect concrete polishing and flooring services.  We work closely with these contractors to ensure your concrete is placed perfectly, giving us the perfect canvas to work with, which will give you a perfectly polished floor. 



Contact us at Perfect Polish to discuss how we can

transform the concrete areas of your home.