Frequently Asked Questions

Is a polished concrete floor expensive?

A polished concrete floor is actually more affordable than you think.

If you are considering laying floor tiles, solid timber overlay or good quality carpet, the m2 rate of having your concrete ground and polished is similar.

With Polished Concrete, your initial investment is the same, or lower, than for traditional flooring solutions, but the low maintenance cost and the longer life, means you will have chosen the most cost effective, long term option.

Do I need underfloor heating with Polished Concrete?

Concrete has great thermal mass. 

It can absorb and retain heat from the sun and internal heating, such as a fire, and then release that 'free heat' later. 

It is not necessary to have under floor heating.


Does it matter how the concrete is laid?

Yes, it is vital!

Perfectly placed concrete is essential to achieving a Perfect Polish finish.

When considering polished concrete for your home or business, whether it is a new build or a renovation, it is important to know that one of the most crucial parts of the process to your polished concrete floor, is the initial placement and laying of the concrete.

When concrete is placed correctly, your polished concrete floor will be flatter with more uniform aggregate exposure, will have less air holes and require less repairs.

At Perfect Polish we can work with your concrete placing contractor and builder to ensure that the concrete is placed as per our recommendations. We have a list of preferred contractors who are familiar with the requirements and whom we can recommend to you.

By starting with a perfect canvas, we can provide you a perfect polish finish.

Can you polish an existing concrete floor?

Yes, although the options available to you and the finished results may vary, depending on the condition of the floor.

Talk to us at Perfect Polish for recommendations on the best systems and solutions for your existing concrete floor.







Can I get just anyone to polish my concrete floor?

With polished concrete, you are going to have it for a very, very long time and you want it looking great for all that time.  Lack of experience, knowledge and care, create mistakes which are permanent.  It is so important to seek a true specialist and experienced professional in the trade, and not some "cowboy"! 

Perfect Polish Limited, with over 15 years industry experience, is dedicated to providing the highest quality polished concrete floors, concrete services and solutions. 

Concrete is permanent; there is no room for mistakes!  We live and breathe polished concrete!  It is our passion and our speciality. 


Is Coated/Sealed Concrete the same as Polished Concrete?


Coated/urethane sealed concrete might be cheaper initially (as precision grinding is not carried out), but it requires maintenance and repairs, costing you more in the long term.  These coatings are topical; they sit on the surface, covering the concrete.  They typically peel, chip, mark and/or discolour easily.

Polished Concrete is not a resin or a coating; it uses a process of refinement, giving you a durable and easy to clean, hard wearing surface which is natural, modern and stylish.  It will not chip, dent or discolour, like a coated floor can, and will last you a lifetime.


For a full comparision, click this link


In this image, at the top is a ground & sealed floor.  The bottom  is the same floor which has been repaired, reground and polished.

See here for more information on the benefits of Polished Concrete.